Uke Can Do It

The Ukulele is sweeping the world and is more fun than ever is this musical team experience.


The mass power of ukulele’s is all you need to bring your team together, release some stress and create some Hawaiian music in under an hour!

Uke Can Do It is a cost-effective and flexible event which can be inputted easily into any conference schedule. Raise energy levels, kick-start your meeting or conference, or just as a fun team building session for your delegates.

The ukulele has been rediscovered and is spreading smiles across organisations across the world. All you need to do is learn a few chords and the ukulele becomes a real-life karaoke machine. Uke Can Do It creates a whole new level of fun for your team to take part in.

Our very own Ukulele Masters will have your team learning chords, tricks and routines. It won’t be long until they’ve mastered a bunch of classical, rock and roll and punk tunes. The highpoint of this experience is a performance of a Hawaiian song along with chants, dancing and traditional floral leis for each performer.

Once they’ve completed 30 minutes of this energising experience, your team will have proved that they ‘can do it’ and will be pro’s playing the happiest instrument in the world. Delegates can also take home their very own ukulele as an option.