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Santa and his Elves need you to make the magic happen!


A Virtual Christmas Show not to be missed!

What is The Virtual Christmas Show?

Join us for a magical Christmas Show that will bring families together in a fun and safe way this Christmas. This show is all about a Christmas story filled with entertainment, packed with laughs and with just the right amount of interaction to keep all the boys & girls, mum’s & dad’s happy throughout.

Families join The Christmas Show on a video conference platform, where they are greeted by Amy the Elf who informs them that Santa is running late… His new sleigh isn’t quite ready to take off yet but with some festive magic and help from the children, Santa will be able to deliver the presents just in time for Christmas! This is where the story starts… We have specifically designed this event to be entertaining, light-hearted and above all, lots of fun for everyone to enjoy. Families meet Amy the Elf, DJ Cringle, Magnifico the Magician, Seán Og our Storyteller and of course the main man himself, Santa Claus on this wonderful virtual journey!

Does The Virtual Christmas Show fit your team?

Contact us via the button below for information on The Virtual Christmas Show or any of our other Christmas themed games for remote employees.

Orangeworks offers a wide range of staff Christmas party activities that can be played through a live video stream. We can help you create an unforgettable festive event for your team.