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Virtual Summer Party

MC presenting the virtual summer party by Orangeworks - one of their remote team building products.

Come together, while we’re all apart!


Join us this Summer for a family fun day to remember! For those who cannot meet face to face, we certainly have the best solution in its place! The Virtual Summer Party – come together, while we’re all apart!

What exactly is The Virtual Summer Party?

Introducing The Virtual Summer Party! For those who still cannot hold face-to-face gatherings for large groups but want to engage with and entertain clients. We have curated a unique virtual family fun experience to replace the usual ‘go to’ family day out. 

Our Virtual Summer Party is led by our ‘Atmosphere Engineer’ who is guaranteed to get the Party started!

When all families and participants are logged on, our charismatic MC jumps into action with a Welcome Brief to all. 

Participants are given the choice to stay or leave the main room after the briefing and enter a multitude of breakout rooms, which are packed with fun family and individual competitive and collaborative experiences to enjoy.

Is the Virtual Summer party a good fit for your delegates?

Details tile for the Virtual Summer Party

Contact us via the button below for more information on Virtual Summer Party or any of our other virtual team building activities. Orangeworks also offers a wide range of energisers and icebreakers for remote teams – perfect for your next online conference or meeting.