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We Can Do

Unlock the powerful secrets of Karate with this relaxing mind and body experience.


The art of Karate encourages and improves assertiveness, self-confidence and general wellbeing. 

What is We Can Do?

A trained facilitator will put the participants through their paces as they are taught ‘kihon’ – the basic techniques of Karate. These techniques are the key to mastering one’s attitude and mindset. A unique breathing exercise syncs the bodies and minds of each individual during this introduction. This is followed by a routine of stretching to release stress and aid flexibility – these are all very useful techniques which will be of benefit to participants once they return to their working lives.

As they progress from these early stages, delegates are taught basic stances and hand movements. These kihon moves emphasise the importance of keeping one’s focus as well as promoting physical agility. The entire group moves as one during this peaceful performance. 

How can it help your team?

We Can Do is a positive and rewarding experience which will leave your people energised and refreshed. The art of Karate encourages and improves assertiveness, self-confidence and general wellbeing. This teamwork activity is the ideal way to focus delegates’ minds as well as promoting good health.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Energises a conference 
  • Health & wellness 
  • Shared experience 
  • Focus on results 
  • Unifies the group 

Does We Can Do fit your team?

We Can Do event details

Get in touch via the button below to find out more about We Can Do! Orangeworks also has a wide range of employee wellness activities, team icebreakers, team bonding games & much more! Don’t forget, we have 14 high-energy and innovative virtual team meeting activities too. Check them out!