Irish Whiskey Wisdom

Team up to identify the aroma of popular Irish whiskey brands, the perfect way to start your evening.


Groups are set the task of identifying the Whiskey Aroma profiles of popular brands from all over Ireland.

Irish Whiskey Wisdom kicks off with each group being provided with a set of rules and an aroma kit.

The seemingly easy task often becomes more nuanced the moment teams start coming together to discuss each sample strip smelled.  The conversation often dovetails into what goes into a brand before circling back into what makes each Aroma Profile unique.

Banter is encouraged as teams pick apart, compare and discuss answers. In the end, democracy wins out and the would-be aficionados need to come to a consensus before submitting their results.

While only the winning team gets to boast about their superior Irish Whiskey Wisdom, all attendees get to learn something new about whiskey products and branding in this fun challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: Companies that do not wish to serve alcohol can also partake in this event. If you would like to arrange whiskey shots as part of a tasting nightcap then please do let us know.