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X4 Challenge

Specially designed to get your team interacting and collaborating on new levels.

Group photo with Orangeworks Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting guns

Discover how your team can work together to communicate better, overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

What is the X4 Challenge? 

Orangeworks X4 Challenge is a combination of our top adventure based experiences all available at our private Forest at Carton House Estate. Your team will rotate between the following adventure activities:

Get your team out of their comfort zone and break down boundaries with this adrenaline fuelled team bonding day. By stepping away from the office and seeing each other in a different setting, your team can really a lot about each other’s skills and how to work better together.

This activity combines physical and cerebral challenges in a fun well-rounded format.

How does it help your team? 

This fun filled team bonding experience offers a generous mix of collaboration and competition as delegates realise they all share one common goal.

Communication plays a strong role especially during the cerebral challenges, designed to get your team interacting and collaborating on new levels.

This is a completely customisable experience, all outdoor experiences are available on any site (provided space measurements). Site visits may need to be carried out prior to the event.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Unifies the group
  • Fun experience
  • Pushing limits
  • Building trust
  • Shared experience

Does the X4 Challenge fit your team?

Orangeworks X4 Challenge is the perfect mix of team activities for your next summer event or corporate day out. Get in touch with us today if you wish to put together a bespoke package to best suit your team’s needs.