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Xtreme Forest Adventure: GPS Treasure Hunt & Survival Games

Be prepared to be pushed to the max with this multi-activity, forest adventure day.

Delegates enjoying their outdoor team building activity with Orangeworks at their adventure zone at Carton House.

Xtreme Forest Adventure (XFA) really takes people out of the office and into the wild.

What is Xtreme Forest Adventure?

XFA is an outdoor team building activity which involves delegates working together to navigate their way through a forest. They must complete team challenges and stay in the game by earning points and locating orienteering markers too! 

Teams (typically 6 to 8 people) are equipped with a handheld GPS, Riddle Booklets and Punch Cards. Team leaders must navigate the group to specific challenge zones. As a team they will complete puzzle games (survivor style!) and get to the next waypoint post haste! Everyone has to stay on point and contribute in their own special way to help the team maximise the points collected.

Challenges include: completing survivor puzzle challenges against the clock, collecting orienteering punch cards throughout the adventure zone and completing bonus puzzles.

How can it help your team? 

This activity combines physical and cerebral challenges in a fun well-rounded format. There is something for everyone. Speed, leadership, role specialisation and communication are vital. 

Additional Information: This is an outdoor activity and participants are open to the elements so please bring rain gear.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Uniting teams 
  • High energy
  • Leadership
  • Shared experience 
  • Communication skills 

Does XFA fit your team?

Xtreme Forest Adventure event details

Chat with us via the button below to find out more about Xtreme Forest Adventure! This corporate team building exercise is a great one to get your people working, thinking and strategising together.