1.  Select Your Team Role

To be successful, it is crucial that you assign each of the expert roles below to team members. Each role has one or more specialist functions. If you have less than 6 people in a team, 1 person can take more than 1 role. This is a challenging activity, but it is achievable when approached as a team. No one needs to know everything, the details, instead, rely on expert knowledge and teamwork to maximize their results.

Team Leader

Points System + Newsfeed

Movement Champion

Icefall + Routes

Client Champion

Guides & Equipment + Number of Guides on a Nodes

Acclimatisation Champion

Acclimatisation  + Oxygen

Camp Champion 

Camps + Tents

Weather Champion

Weather + Forecast

2. Open The Master Game Screen

This is where you will able to view the weather, height, time and other teams progress.

Master Game Screen

3. Play Game

TEAM NAME: Please check the name of your Zoom Breakout Room. This is your team name.

Play Game


You should have all the required tabs open in your browser at once.