Client Champion

Guides + Equipment + Number of Guides on a Nodes

Guides & Equipment

Your team has two guides who start at base camp. Each guide can take equipment and clients on the mountain up to a maximum of 4 UNITS.

EXAMPLE: A guide could take one of the following options:

  • 1 camp (3 units) and 1 client (1 unit) = 4 units

  • 1 oxygen (2 units) and 2 clients (1 unit each) = 4 units

  • 2 oxygen (2 units each) = 4 units

NOTE: Overloaded guides cannot move.

  • Guides can only get equipment and clients at base camp, so plan carefully before they leave. There are unlimited amounts of oxygen and clients at base camp, but you can only set up a maximum of two camps.

  • While at base camp you can drag equipment and clients onto your guides, or remove equipment and clients by dragging them to the bin icon.

  • If both of your guides are on the same node, they can exchange equipment and/or clients, provided that the guide receiving the items has spare capacity. To exchange equipment/clients, drag them from the guide that is exchanging to the guide that is receiving.

  • Exchanges cannot be done in the middle of a movement (eg if the guides’ paths cross) only if they have both stopped on the same node at the end of a movement turn. Exchanges can be completed any time before the guides move off the node.

Number of Guides on a Node

The number of guides allowed on each node decreases with altitude. For your game, the maximum number of guides allowed on each node is shown on the map view. Refer to your map view link.

NOTE: The actual number of guides allowed on a node is set automatically depending on the number of teams in your game.  Hint: Refer to map view for the numbers.


NOTE: This limit applies to the individual nodes, it is not a total for the whole altitude zone.


You can see how many guides are on any given node on the projector at any time.

A single icon means one guide.

A number means multiple guides.

If you attempt to enter a node which already has the maximum number of guides, your move will be rejected with an error message.


Your options are:

  • Choose a different route, or

  • Wait until a guide has left so you can enter the node.

The game is very dynamic, so even if a node is accessible, by the time you hit the tick button it may not be anymore. Watch the projector closely.

1 Unit

Inexperienced Client

1 Unit

Experienced Client

2 Units


3 Units