Movement Champion

Icefall + Routes


Guides move up and down the mountain following established routes marked on the map. To make any move will require movement tokens.


There are 4 types of movement tokens:

BLUE TOKEN: Move in any direction

RED TOKEN: Move only down the mountain

GREEN TOKEN: Move only up the mountain

TWO WAY TOKEN: Move up AND down the mountain

(In this example, you can make 3 movements up the mountain and/or 1 movement down the mountain.)


  • You can select a maximum of 3 movement tokens in any one day by pressing on the tokens.

  • Deselect any movement token by pressing it again.

  • Drag your guides across the map.

  • Your guides will not actually move until you hit the green tick button.

  • If you do not have enough movement points to make a move, an error message will appear on the screen when you hit the green tick button. You can then either cancel the move or select different movement tokens and hit the tick button again.

  • You are not required to use all your movement points each time you move.

  • If you have not made your move by the end of the day, your movement tokens and routes will remain selected the following day.

  • You can only click the green tick button ONCE PER DAY so movement of the guide/s must be made before you confirm your move for the day.


  • If you would like to change your route, hit the red cross cancel button and start again.


  • Avoid continuous hitting of the green tick button as this may create a backlog of on-screen messages.

  • You can click on-screen messages to manually remove them.

  • Note that each team receives identical movement tokens.

  • Movement can also be affected by weather conditions.

  • You can choose to retrace your steps within a single move. This can be particularly useful at the summit where conditions are harsh, so it is suggested you either pass through or drag your guide back down the same route before hitting the green tick button.

Movement - Risk

The team who moves first on any given day earns a RISK TOKEN:


A risk token can be used to swap out an undesired movement token by dragging it onto that token.

  • Risk tokens will replace one of your regular move tokens with a high-value move token.

  • Each risk token can only be used once.

  • Each team can only have a maximum of 4 risk tokens at any time.

Movement on the Icefall

The Khumbu Icefall is at the head of the Khumbu Glacier and the foot of the Western Cwm. The icefall is found at 5,486 metres on the Nepali slopes of Mount Everest not far above Base Camp and southwest of the summit. The yellow and grey marked zone on the map indicates the Khumbu Icefall.


  • Several of the nodes in the Icefall are impassable crevasses.

  • These crevasses are only revealed when a guide moves onto the node for the first time.

  • The node changes AS SEEN BELOW indicating a crevasse.