Go Team Icons of Dublin Treasure Hunt

Combines creative problem solving with competition in DUBLIN CITY – the friendly capital.

8 Different Languages Available!

In this tablet-based treasure hunt the teams are challenged to visit as many as possible of our carefully chosen iconic locations throughout the city. The teams are equipped with iPads to complete GPS-triggered missions such as searching the surrounding area for clues, taking interactive group pictures or answering quiz questions.


But there’s a catch! The teams all know each other teams’ locations and the further the checkpoint the more points they score. The challenge lies in figuring out how the other teams will plan and execute their strategy, and trying to pick the less visited spots! However, regardless of the chosen strategy all teams get to see the city’s highlights and have a good laugh.


See full list of optional Features here.  Your Go Team Guru will put together a package perfect for your group, budget and event duration.

Additional information


Collaborative, Competitive


600, 8


45 min – 2.5 hrs