Engineers Brief

WeBuild Challenge

Your Task

Your Task


You have the responsibility of constructing a vehicle according to the instructions given by the Designers. Your task is scheduled to begin no later than 45 minutes from the start of the project. The Designers may call you in to give instructions at any time HOWEVER you must not communicate with them unless they approach you first. If you are not summoned you must report anyway at the precise end of this

After the 45 minutes has elapsed you will be allowed only one further period of consultation lasting up to 5 continuous minutes with the designers. You, the Engineers, can request this one consultation at any time during phase two, but it must be an unbroken period and may not exceed 5 minutes.


You are to finish the construction within 30


While you are waiting for a call from the Designers, it is suggested that you discuss and make notes on the following questions:


What feelings and concerns are you experiencing whilst you wait for the instructions for the task?


How can you best organize yourselves as a team?


Your notes recorded on the above questions will be helpful during phase five.


Project Time Plan

There are 5 phases to the challenge.

Phase Activity Timing
One Preparation of Design and Instruction 45 mins
Two Construction by Engineers 30 mins
Three Presentation by Designers
Four Scoring/Client testing 15 mins
Five Review 30 mins